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The Basketball extracurricular is a highly favored extracurricular in Canisius College. Besides its purpose to train members to be more skillful in playing, this extracurricular also cultivates its members to be more disciplined, more responsible, and also to team up with others without showing off. The extracurricular is coached by Mr. Turindro Baru Cahyono or more commonly known as Coach Hendro. He has served in the school since 1994.

Practices are held three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The basketball club activities are considered to be strenuous because aside from being required to have good physic, they are also demanded to have a mind of steel, a will to never give up, discipline, and most importantly, togetherness. During 3 years, Canisius College Senior High School basketball team has got some achievements, as following:

  1. 3rd winner of Kalam Kudus Cup 2011
  2. 3rd winner of CC Cup 2012
  3. 2nd winner of SMAK 3 Cup 2012
  4. 2nd winner of SMAN 8 Cup 2012
  5. 3rd winner of St. Ursula Cup 2013
  6. 3rd winner of St. Peter Cup 2013
  7. 3rd winner of SMAK 3 Cup 2013
  8. 2nd winner of Theresia Cup 2013
  9. 1st and 3rd winner of CC Cup 2013
  10. 3rd winner of Tarakanita Cup 2013


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