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Persevera was established on initiative by Mr. Ignatius Martono. On August 25th, 1998 a choir was formed and officially became an extracurricular around 1999. “Persevera” as the choir’s name was chosen by Fr. Djito Pandriya, S.J. on September 25th, 1999 at the first concert of Junior High and Senior High School choir, namely “Persevera Night”.

In the early 2000, an intention was come up from some of 11th and 12th grade members to collaborate with the choir of St. Ursula Senior High School and thus gave birth to UCV. Eventually in 2001, Persevera also joined with the Serviam choir of St. Theresia Tourism High School that having become Perseviam since September 28th, 2001.

Essentially, all members of UCV and Perseviam who comes from Canisius College Senior High are official members of Persevera. Even so, the extracurriculars that can be selected are only Perseviam and UCV, while on the contrary Persevera cannot. Persevera has exactly got two achievements for last 3 years, as following:

  1. 2nd winner of "Festival Paduan Suara Gerejawi" (Fesparawi) 2012
  2. The winner of "Festival Paduan Suara Gerejawi" (Fesparawi) 2014

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